Interview: Illustrator Isaac Bonan

Portrait by Isaac Bonan



currently lives and works
in Strasbourg , France.

He wrote me an e-mail and told me about his last exhibition
at the prestigious and luxury International Finance Center (ifc)
Mall in Hong Kong, for Milk X magazine 5th anniversary exhibition
"Style Legends”.

I decided to do an interview with him.

with Isaac Bonan

by Marcello Q.

1. How did you become a Fashion Illustrator, did you visited any school?
Actually I've always loved draw human body, attitude, faces, and what is linked to beauty and aesthetic,also, I've always loved the work of the great fashion illustrators like René Gruau, David Downton, Kareem Ilya.

So I have naturally ended up in the fashion illustration. It was natural and could not conceive to do anything else. I followed studies in graphic art, and then work in graphic design before becoming a fashion illustrator, I realized that only physical contact with the traditional equipment could give me real feelings.

2. What kind of stuff makes you happy?

Many things...colors and music can touch me. 

Sometimes, the nature of a shade can suggest
ideas to me. Generally, I make my environment 
a jumble of ideas: I seek the detail that will form, 
bring something, and sublime my work.

3. You contact me because you find my blog
 in google, during your research. What do you 
think about other artist, did you get inspired 
by them and are you interested in collaborations?
I love to see works from differents artists. It inspires

everydays and can suggest ideas to me.
Sure, I'm always interested and happy to 

hear about a new collaboration for new a project.

4. During my study I have a lot of time pressure because of our deadline. How dou you handle with time pressure?

Actually, this is one of the difficulties of our job. I think one have to be very organize himself in order to finish work before the deadline ends. Regarding me, I realized that I loved to work under pressure. Making a lot of sketches before finding right harmony, trying to be the most relevant
as possible in a very short time...this inspires, and excites me a lot, and allows me to improve myself.

5. Your answers are really interesting and informative. 
You want to say something to my Blog-readers and there 
other people who visit my blog?
Thank you for have reading this interview !
Enjoy yourself and keep rocking !

Some of his work:
STYLE LEGENDS exhibition
in Hongkong at the IFC Mall
more at

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